Ep #117: Eat the Frog
The Lifted Life Podcast

Ep #117: Eat the Frog

January 12, 2021
Episode One-Hundred-Seventeen of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Eat The Frog.
In episode 117 we're talking about a powerful procrastination-hack. It's called: Eat the Frog.
This phrase, which was coined by Mark Twain, but made largely popular by Brain Tracy, is a simple way to get beyond the mind. (No frogs were harmed or eaten in the making of this podcast episode!)
The Lifted Life Podcast is hosted by Lifted Naturals cofounders: Sylvia and Tim Hall. This episode, specifically, is sponsored by Mood Super Strains. Our histamine-free, probiotic-only (no prebiotic!) formula featuring L. Rhamnosus GG. 
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