Ep #120: Creating Mind Space
The Lifted Life Podcast

Ep #120: Creating Mind Space

February 2, 2021
Episode One-Hundred-Twenty of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Creating Mind Space
In episode 120 we're talking about how we are creating MIND SPACE to experience more enjoyment AND productivity. 
Tune in to this episode to hear us share our experiences with social media and how we are managing it's pull for our attention, while still using it for our business. 
In this show, we share our own real-life struggles with this issue, but also share some powerful tips which are helping us to stay on top of this weighty issue.
This episode is brought to you by our newest product, Micro Melatonin! A low-dose melatonin supplement designed for sleep, health, and healing. 
Lifted Life Podcast is hosted by Lifted Naturals cofounders: Sylvia and Tim Hall. 
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