Ep #147: Try. And Try Again.
The Lifted Life Podcast

Ep #147: Try. And Try Again.

August 24, 2021
Episode One-Hundred-Forty-Seven of The LIFTED Life Podcast: Try. And Try Again.
This week on the show we are talking about perseverance and the impact of story-telling. If you don't understand this component, creative projects, goals, and pursuits will be MUCH harder than necessary!
Do you struggle to stick with a project and stay positive enough to continue? This episode is for you.
Episode 147 of The Lifted Life Podcast is brought to you by Lifted Naturals. We are creating a FEEL-GOOD revolution, because we believe we deserve to feel better.
Thanks so much for listening. If you're enjoying the show, be sure to share a link with a friend who might need some encouragement and inspiration.  

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