Ep #162: How it Started
The Lifted Life Podcast

Ep #162: How it Started

December 7, 2021
Episode One-Hundred-Sixty-Two of The LIFTED Life Podcast: How it Started

In this week's show we're sharing a guest podcast interview Sylvia did on the Overcomer's Podcast.

The Overcomers podcast interviews people about overcoming adversity. They believe that adversity can become our advantage. 

We are extremely grateful to Travis and Cyndy Barnes for the opportunity to share this audio interview here on our own show this week. 
You'll know why we really needed to switch it up when you hear the intro to this show!
Tune into this week's show to hear about some of the hurdles Sylvia had to overcome before starting Lifted Naturals, plus other never-shared-before stories you won't want to miss!

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